About The Foundation

Based in Phoenix, AZ, the Southwest Musical Arts Foundation was formed in 2000 by acclaimed musician and producer Bob Corritore for the purpose of expanding musical awareness through live performance, recordings, and education. SWMAF incorporates a wide array of musical styles, but primarily focuses on the more artful, non-mainstream genres including blues, jazz, gospel, zydeco, rockabilly, folk, surf, singer/songwriter, and roots. Many recordings have become uniquely available through SWMAF’s label, including an A Capella album by the Reed Family, a historic collection of vintage Phoenix R&B, blues and gospel, and a collection of rare 1970’s Chicago recordings focusing on the work of the late bluesman Chico Chism. SWMAF is also involved in blues education and various outreach shows to distressed populations. SWMAF’s work focuses on both on its resident community and work of a more national and international scope. Thank you visiting our site and please consider a tax deductible donation to the Foundation.

Donate to the upcoming Henry Gray / Bob Corritore CD!

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View upcoming SWMAF events on the Concerts page.
View all releases from SWMAF on the Releases page.
Click here to contact SWMAF.

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